Melamine Kitchen Cabinet



Melamine kitchen cabinets are made by heat-sealing a substrate (pressed wood, medium density fibreboard or plywood) between paper saturated with thermally fused melamine resin. Thermally fused melamine is a combination of melamine and formaldehyde chemically fused together into larger, and some say safer, molecules. Compared to solid wood cabinets, melamine cabinets are much cheaper. Furniture made of solid wood is often more valuable.

Melamine cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens. and other rooms due to their affordability, attractiveness and sturdiness. resin finish cabinet door isa artificial cloth this crafted from wooden debris. heat moisture paper and resins or other glues. Melamine shelves have come a long way in view that their start many years in the past. They may be now to be had in an expansion of finishes, colourings and patterns.