4G Kitchen Cabinet



4G/5G glass Kitchen Cabinet are an upgrade to 3G glass Kitchen Cabinet, featuring a thinner aluminium frame around the glass, and an aluminium handle with a different profile.These glass Kitchen Cabinet are currently the most popular choice for Malaysian homeowners who want a glossy cabinet appearance with clean lines and no protruding handles. Especially for those who want a minimalist kitchen, or Scandinavian kitchen design.It shares many similarities with 3G Kitchen CabinetdKitchen Cabinet but they come with U-channel handles, and a much thinner edging as well as nicer finishing.Iike Concept person-in-charge said the main difference between 3G and 4G Kitchen Cabinet is the frameless appearance of 4G Kitchen Cabinet“From the front view, 4G Kitchen Cabinet may appear to be frameless but if you take a closer look from the side, you will see the aluminium frame that supports the door structure,” she said.